CASTLEDRONE presents NiGHTSHiFT 3: CASUAL DEViANT organized by Anthony Palocci Jr & Devon Clapp. Closing Reception: June 7, 2016, 5-9p.

GG Burney
Albert Gray –
Nat Meade –
Giordanne Salley –
Robert Yoder –

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CASUAL DEVIANT brings together a showing of non-conventional paintings and sound in CASTLEDRONE’s most recent exhibition in the NiGHTSHiFT Series. Burney’s use of salt dough, or an enhanced wheat paste, merges the organic with a DIY poster attitude; coupling thoughtfully with Yoder’s preparation on alternative-to-canvas cotton grounds. Yoder has sized cotton bandanas with rabbit skin glue, painting his raw imagery atop them to create striking abrasions. Meade’s male on-lookers are cropped, like a tension-setting scene in cinema. He zooms in on the figure’s features to reveal their grimey characteristics, while still concealing their identities. Likewise, the identities of Salle’s figures remain mostly unknown, as we are placed along with them in the woods, voyeurs of a peeping tom. Albert Gray’s work presents a dismal mid-western atmosphere, as much kitsch and bad taste, as sincere and personal storytelling.

CASTLEDRONE is a an uncertain experiment in collaboration, friendship, exhibition and programming based in Hyde Park, MA. NiGHTSHIFT is a series of events organized and supported by CASTLEDRONE, each with its own distinct character based on the intentions of the lead collaborators.