January 7-21

Underground gallery, CASTLEDRONE, based in Boston, hosts LA-based performance artist and SMFA Alum Creighton Baxter as artist-in-residence. The artist will be holding four public performances the evenings of January 11, 13, 18 and 20.

“The spectral figure is always a stranger” Baxter says, describing the presence of someone who is not there. This figure takes form in her work in a called name, a portrait, a confession crossed out. In performances, the mouth is a site, the body opening is a site, marks are the result of durational movements and her practice pulls into drawing and its interior process. Baxter’s process often begins and resolves with graphite drawings on paper. Preliminary drawings and sculpted performance accessories offer the artist a direction for interacting through space that is then translated into actions during performances and performances are often followed up by a series of resulting drawings.

Castrated objects such as the flaccid, oblong sculptures incorporated into the current performances reference historical propagandic imagery of witches causing impotence. Baxter situates figures such as these women, in relation to the contemporary persecution of disempowered and marginalized peoples. Baxter also draws on parallels to our lived experiences of the body, loss and stress; referencing her concerns with temporalities of chronic illness, trans status and the healthcare system.

This residency has been in development since June 2017 and builds on a history of collaboration and critical dialogue between CASTLEDRONE members Maggie Cavallo and Anthony Palocci Jr., and the artist. “I need witnesses for the work to be made.”, Baxter explained when discussing the visit to Boston physically, emotionally and mentally as an important catalyst to create new work. This residency has been designed to provide space, a record and a witnessing of this new work. In December 2017, CASTLEDRONE successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to provide the artist with a stipend, materials fund, documentation, framing costs and more during the residency program. Resulting drawings and performance documentation will be used in an upcoming Spring 2018 exhibition organized by CASTLEDRONE.

VISITING: CREIGHTON BAXTER | Artist in Residence from January 7 - 21

Please join us for a closing reception January 20, 7-10pm

If you are interested in learning more about the work or schedule a visit, please email: castledrone@gmail.com // 1476 River Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136