CASTLEDRONE hosts Bashezo, Xray Aims and RRLEW for a series of micro-residencies and performances. These artists navigate critical practices that exist within and outside of a conventional fine art context. Performance carries them through the various sites in which their work takes place: in institutions, in community, on stage, in spirit, in private, on the screen, in the street. The enacted spiritualism, embodied architectural drawings and sonic storytelling they produce challenge and leverage the gallery as a meaning-making container.

“Visiting” is a continuation of Castledrone’s inaugural artist-in-residence project with artist Creighton Baxter, funded by a kickstarter campaign in 2017. “We want to continue to host and collaborate with compelling artists at a scale that accurately reflects our resources,” Castledrone’s Maggie Cavallo explains, “so we’re adapting and centering what is essential: time, space and encouragement to experiment with new work.”

Bashezo: Space With Those Without Names

November 10, 1:00-6:00p / November 12, 7:00-9:00p

Xray Aims Three and No. 98

November 17, 12:00-6:00p / November 19, 6:00-9:00p


December 8, 7:00p
*Please join us for a brief artist-talk back following the final performance


In installation, happenings or curated events Bashezo creates interactive experiences to provide critique of (or respite from) traditional euro-american art culture. Representing the transformations that we and our spiritual counterpoints go through on either side of a thin metaphysical veil, Space With Those Without Names, will be a participatory landscape that gives image to copresence. Death, blackness, and transfiguration continue to recirculate in the artists’ work. They will invert CASTLEDRONE visually into a layered, blackened space meant to be navigated. “A cartesian experience doesn’t exist in my experience” Bashezo describes when considering the role of pathways in their work, “I want to explore how the audience can be negotiated, as part of the installation.”

Xray Aims, a long standing member of creative communities in New England and beyond, interrogates culture, gender and sexual politics in interactive performances and as cultural organizer. In their performances, hypodermic needles are used to piece the skin of collaborators; rows of elastic thread or ribbon connecting bodies to one another or the gallery itself. Participants move through the space in a semi-directed, semi-improvisational choreography, creating a folding geometry of linework between their bodies and the framework of the physical space. Aims’ living drawings merge with a unique approach to collaboration and persona, offering us a question of the infrastructure of trust and consent.

RRLEW, builds a body of actions and sonic atmosphere around a narrative spine. Her most recent performance TR-79 (Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY) was a theatrical sound display of the artists’ unique approach to storytelling. In this sci-fi inspired work, the protagonist, after ingesting a mysterious drug, must solve a puzzle with her deceased father’s help before her mind deteriorates. Within low-fi industrial or rave-like soundscapes, audio samples form a dialogue between characters, the artist and the self. RRLEW merges performance art and conventions of theater, testing the viability of the fourth wall and uses story as a vehicle to act out complex relationships, gender performance and societal norms.